google-plus-new-cover-photoI have decided to do something different today. Usually I write about my upcoming release, give writing tips or host blog tours and guest posts. Today, however, I thought it would be a good idea to cover some of the many changes that were made to Google+ today.

Some of the changes made to Google+ today are purely cosmetic but many add functionality and a couple don’t quite work the way they were intended to. The new layout is slick, pretty and much more efficient than the one we had yesterday. With it’s 2+ columns for your posts rather than the old style single column you can now go through your home page to find exactly what you are looking for much quicker. The number of columns you will see depends on your screen size and resolution as well as your zoom level. My Chrome 26 on Windows 8 running in 1366×768, for instance, displays 2 columns by default. If I set my zoom level to 75%, however, I will get 3 columns. The single column format is still available by going to your g+ home and clicking “more” near the top of the page. The only problem with the payout itself is that it doesn’t scale itself well and therefor wastes screen realty.

The new setup of communities appears to be broken to some extent. When you go to communities the communities you are a member of display at the top and suggested communities for you to join are below. The problem is that to get to a specific community it is sometimes like playing whack-a-mole as they move around. I am pretty sure that this is an “undocumented feature” aka a bug that should be fixed soon.

There are several new options dealing with images as well. I haven’t had a chance to play with them very much but those who have tell me they are awesome, especially the “Auto Awesome” option.

All in all, Google+ has done something very amazing with the new updates.  Those of you who haven’t yet started using G+ should do so now. It is the next gen. social network with features that make it a much more powerful marketing tool than Facebook could ever hope to be.

© Copyright 2013 Eric T. Benoit, All rights Reserved. Written For: Book'em Eric