Hi, I’m Mark Landen, college student, programmer, and budding novelist.  I began writing a novel last year and looked for someone to critique my work, but to my surprise no website did what I wanted.  So I created one.  Enter: http://www.Criticular.com

The wish list:

  • Get anonymous critiques
  • Get an entire book critiqued
  • A directory to find critique groups, critique partners, and beta readers

One-for-one Critiques
The core activity at Criticular is, you guessed it, critiquing.  It’s not meant to replace your critique group, but to enhance it, providing you with more critiquing options.  We have three queues—anonymous, friend, and a group’s queue—each have their own levels of privacy and anonymity.  Let’s talk about the anonymous and friend queues.  It’s one of Criticular’s unique services.
The anonymous queue gets you objective-style feedback, similar to getting reviews when you’re selling your work.  The friend queue similar, except in this case it’s among authors on your friends list.
The cool part?  You’re all but guaranteed a critique.  At Criticular when you give a critique, you get a critique.  No credits, no cherry-picking, no door-to-door pleas.  After you’ve critiqued someone’s work, yours is placed in an ordered waiting line.  It’s more private than any critiquing site out there.
Critique groups work a little differently because in them critiques are done the traditional way.  No waiting line here, but your work is still private among group members.

I want my book critiqued!
At Criticular when you do a critique, you get a critique.  So if you put in the effort, you can get your book critiqued over time.  But that’s not all you can do.  At Criticular your book-in-progress can have its own profile page where you can track progress, update wordcounts, blog about writing your book, and gather fans.  We think that’s pretty cool!

Critique Groups 2.0
Need a critique group?  Where most sites have predetermined groups, Criticular is flexible.  Create your own group in a few clicks, or search for them on a map, by genre, or by networking on the site.  Groups have their own calendar of events and you can even create private groups for confidential alliances.  Critique groups, say hello to web 2.0.

Check it out!
Criticular is easy to use.  All you do is submit a piece of work you want critiqued, click the button “Do A Critique”, then fill in the boxes.  Now your submission is ready to be critiqued.  Also you can meet authors through Facebook-style social networking, and we even have forums for topic based discussions.  Go check out Criticular!  It’s the best thing since paper shredders.


© Copyright 2012 Eric T. Benoit, All rights Reserved. Written For: Book'em Eric