I was recently invited to read and review The Spirit Box as part of a Tempting Book Tour.

Back Cover Blurb: When Walt Turner’s mother died, he inherited her apartment and the antique shop below. After losing his job due to the treachery of a co-worker, The Spirit Box calls to him from the darkness of the shop with an offer of revenge.

Lured by the promise of ultimate power and eternal life by the prisoner inside the box, Walt agrees to help it gather the final spirits it requires to return to human form.

John Hazard is investigating a series of murders and missing persons in this otherwise quiet town. His perceptions of reality are about to be altered in a life changing confrontation that will force him beyond the boundaries of darkness and ancient evil.

It is a spiraling descent into madness, where you may have everything you desire, if only you are willing to sacrifice all that you believe.

When you look into The Spirit Box, be prepared to have more than your breath taken away.

JH Glaze shows us his unique imagination and voice in The Spirit Box, an intriguing  paranormal thriller. The story is wonderfully fresh and the characters will pull you along as one kills to appease the box and the other tries to get to the bottom of a double homicide followed by 4 missing persons reports. All of this takes place in a sleepy little town where nothing ever happens. Needless to say, our hero, John Hazard is almost overwhelmed and Walt is nearly driven mad. I enjoyed reading this book though I found some of what was happening a little predictable. The originality of the concept itself and the characters as well as JH’s unique writing style are what keep you moving forward. JH brings his characters to life, he has a way of making you truly interested in what happens to them. If you like paranormal thrillers then this one you should pick up and read. JH Glaze will push you to the edge of reason, pulling you back just in time to see rest of the world join you.


About JH Glaze: When was the last time you saw someone working on a laptop while riding Public Transportation during rush hour? There is one Atlanta area author, JH Glaze, you may have seen. He would have been writing one of his novels on his way to ‘the day job’.

His first novel ‘The Spirit Box’, a horror/thriller about a man who inherits an ancient box from his deceased mother, was written almost 80% on the train. It was finally published in September 2011. Since then, he has completed a second novel in the series, ‘NorthWest’. This exciting cross-genre novel was 100% written on Public Transportation.

When asked why he enjoys writing on the train, he’ll tell you, “Riding on the train is the only time of the day when I won’t be distracted by email and other things that just seem to come up when I’m in my office. The atmosphere on the train also incites an atmosphere of uncertainty and excitement that can’t be duplicated in a home office environment. Anything could happen on that train at any time and my writing channels that energy!”

What does he say about his writing style? “I want to involve you in the stories, to bring you into my worlds and share with you the thoughts that inspire them. The stories originate with simple ideas, and I tell them in a way that carries you the reader, through it inside of your own mind.”

The writing style of JH Glaze has been called ‘Unique’ and has been well received by readers from a broad spectrum of genres. Readers and reviewers alike have given high ratings to both of the first 2 books in the series. The release of the third, ‘Send No Angel’, scheduled for release in Summer 2012 and is highly anticipated by fans of this author.

JH Glaze was born in Niles, Ohio and currently resides in Atlanta.  He lives with his wife and editor, Susan Grimm, their dogs, Harley and Jake, and JoJo, the Senegal parrot. To find more information, search the web for JH Glaze, The Spirit Box, NorthWest, Send No Angel and The Horror Challenge.

The Spirit Box is currently on tour with Tempting Book Tours. Please be sure to stop by Storytime Book Reviews tomorrow for a guest post by JH Glaze.

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